The idea

Like most great ideas, ours originated from general office chatter on a Friday afternoon whilst whiling away the last few hours of the working week. We got talking about our school days and the teachers who really influenced our paths. It seems it really is true, you never forget a great teacher. Benji’s hero was Physics teacher Mr Kinchin: strict and serious but also fun and inspiring.

"Thanks to Mr Kinchin I understood Simple Harmonic Motion and Resonance."     Benji from accounts

(We all nodded, pretending we understood it too).

What's Better than an Apple?

There were many more examples which got us thinking that the best teachers really need rewarding with something special, something better than an apple.There are several theories explaining the origin of the tradition of giving an apple to a teacher. Some say it was a family’s duty to feed their children’s teachers (thus giving them produce), others say it was a form of payment for their education; potatoes being another choice of currency.

But these days, unless you know that English teacher Mrs Jones has a penchant for Granny Smiths or that Maths teacher Mr Collins eats roast potatoes daily we think it’s time to change. As our name states, we can do better! Don’t get us wrong, we’ve got absolutely nothing against apples; especially the type that comes baked in a pie, smothered in rich vanilla custard. And apart from that unfortunate incident involving Snow White, we know just how good they are for you – an apple a day and all that.

 “She was the most positive and encouraging person

I have ever met.”

- George from sales on Miss Nismith who taught Sports

Cool Gifts for a Cool Teacher

We know that teachers don’t expect a gift but everyone appreciates a little gratitude.At Better Than An Apple we know how important it is for you to show your child’s teacher just how much you’ve really appreciated their impossible homework assignments, challenges to create bizarre costumes for the school play and expectations to bake Mary Berry worthy cakes for the summer fête.

Whilst making a famous monument out of toilet roll tubes and a washing up liquid bottle has not been your favourite way to pass a Sunday evening, you know your child’s teacher has their very best interests at heart. Our research has shown us that what touches people more than anything is a personalised gift; a gift that says: “I’ve taken the time to think about what you would really like and I’ve made it personal to you”.

"He treated us as people so there was rarely any messing

about in his lessons.”  - Paul from warehouse favourite teacher Mr Green

From pencils to whisky glasses, notebooks to wall art we have a huge range of quality items any teacher would cherish, made all the more special by having their name on it.

So if Mr Atkins helped you to memorise the Periodic Table of Elements or Mr Simpson went the extra mile to support your child through their SATS then we think they deserve more than an apple (or a potato). Give them a special personalised gift that will mean they always remember you.